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Salam everyone, I am currently learning arabic but I am having problem understanding these sentences they are most commonly used i arabic latmiya that i have heard in Karbala and other cities of Iraq :

1, يا عباس جيب الماي لسكينة

2, ها الله هاالله حسين وينة باالسيوف مقطعينة

3, قطعة و يمين العباس يا فاطمة الحزينة

4, واويل علي العباس

5, What is the meaning of هلابيك, يمة , ها الله

6, يا عباس دخيلك

7, هية وحدة من الثنين   لو جهنم لو حسين

8, يا عباس اركب بنفسي انت با اخي

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[1] O Abbas, bring water for Sukayna
[2] O Allah O Allah! Husain is being cut to pieces with swords
[3] The right arm of Abbas O Fatima the saddened one
[4] O what a tragedy Abbas
[5] Welcome mother
[6] I Abbas, help!
[7] It's one or the other; Jahannam or Husain
[8] O Abbas! I'll go myself brother

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