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Arguably the best free resources to learn Farsi

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Many of you may have seen my Learning Arabic post which can be found here:

On that post, you have hundreds of free video lectures, free books, free handouts, and essentially a root to learn fusah arabic, free of charge, no hidden fee's whatsoever.

I have now found somewhat similar for farsi:

This is arguably one of the best resources to learn farsi for free, no hidden fee's attached, and endorsed or supported by the university of SOAS, Cambridge, etc.


There are three levels [from elementary, beginner, intermediate] each level having many subcategories of lessons to learn. Each lesson itself is very well laid out, with Persian script, audio, translation, and transliteration. There is also a glossary of the words used int the conversation, as well as activities, and spoken vs written [where they elaborate on the differences of that word when spoken and when written].

The website seems to offer a surprisingly thorough grounding in the language. Persian grammar is apparently very simple, so maybe combining understanding the grammar with this website would be beneficial. A good website i would say to combine it with would be this one: http://www.easypersian.com/lesson-archive-1/

One of the criticisms of farsi is in the limited use and application of it. But as shia's, it's actually the opposite for us, given how many of our works are in farsi, as well as lectures, speeches, politics, beautiful nasheeds and latmiyahs, i think it's well worth learning this and i may be embarking on this inshAllah.

If we encouraged learning arabic and farsi among shia's of all races, backgrounds and cultures, we would be so staggeringly more unified and powerful as a community and it would break open walls into a plethora of new worlds and invaluable resources.


Examples from the beginner section: 


On the link, you'll also see a vocabulary list of every word used, as well as further resources [this is the same for most of the lessons]



 بابَک:   سَلام. اِسمِ مَن بابَکه. اِسمِ تو چیه؟

مَریَم:    سَلام. اِسمِ مَن مَریَمه.

bābak:      salām. esm-e man bābake. esm-e to chiye?

maryam:  salām. esm-e man maryame.

Babak:       Hello. My name's Babak. What's your name?

Maryam:   Hello. My name's Maryam

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Random example from a higher and more difficult level :http://www.persianlanguageonline.com/learn/elementary/on-saturdays-i-go-to-the-iranian-school/

On the link, you have the audio required for some of the dialouge's as well as vocabulary lists.


I am seventeen years old and I live with my father, mother, and brother in London. Like all other school children, I go to an English school from Monday to Friday, but on Saturdays I go with my brother to the Rustam Iranian School in North London and study the Persian language. Fortunately, our school is nearby and we walk there, but at home time my mother comes for us with the car.

I have lots of friends at the Iranian school. My best friend, Nick, goes to that same school. His original name is Nikan. We speak Persian together. My friend Nick and I love music. Nick has an electric guitar and plays guitar in a band. Their group is called The Black Cherries. They have loads of fans. I like their songs too.


 مریم: سلام نیک چطوری؟

نیک:  سلام مریم. خوبم. تو چطوری؟

مریم:  منم بد نیستم. راستی کنسرت دیشب چطور بود؟

نیک:  خیلی خوب بود. هفتۀ دیگه هم برنامه داریم. می آی؟

مریم:  چه روزی؟

نیک:  جمعه. از ساعت ۷ تا ۹.

مریم:  آره حتماً. امروز از مامانم می پرسم.

نیک:  اشکال نداره. من خودم به مامانت می گم. اصلاً با اونا بیا. برای همه تون بلیت می گیرم.

مریم:  خیلی ممنون.



Maryam:        Hi Nik, how are you?

Nik:               Hi Maryam. I'm fine. How are you?

Maryam:        I'm not bad either. By the way, how was the concert last night?

Nik:               It was really good. We have planned something for next week too. Are you coming?

Maryam:        What day?

Nik:               Friday from 7 o'clock till 9.

Maryam:        Yeah definitely. I'll ask my mum today. 

Nik:               It's no problem. I'll tell your mum myself. You can totally come with them. I'll get tickets for all of you.

Maryam:        Thanks a lot.


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I, personally, would want to learn the Hebrew language, it's the language of the prophets, and it is too a lot close to the Arabic language. 

اللهُمَ صَلِ عَلى مُحَمّدٍ وآلِ مُحَمّدٍ 

הו אללה, יברך את מוחמד ואת משפחתו

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