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Shaykh Patience101

ShiaChat joins Twitter!

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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.
As-salaamu `alaykum dear friends,

The ShiaChat staff have created a ShiaChat page on Twitter. We hope this is another way for us to stay connected and also a means of spreading awareness about ShiaChat.

The URL to the ShiaChat Twitter page is: https://twitter.com/ShiaChatForum

Please visit us at @ShiaChatForum follow our Twitter feed, share it with your family and friends and like and retweet to your heart's content!

You can also help us by suggesting things in this topic that you would like to see us tweet or by giving suggestions on how we can improve our social media outreach.

I'd also like to thank the ShiaChat.com Development Team who initiated this Twitter project. 

Don't forget to follow!

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This is a good thing. Well done team.

Ive got a fairly healthy twitter following (not big, but ok) I found that follow backs & original content are what drives follower count/ RT/ Favs up the most, so have a think about what content you can produce daily. Look at instagram, snapchat, youtube & periscope (if possible) to link with twitter. 

The key thing is that its real time. You gotta be fast paced, consistent, interesting and relevant. 

Final thoughts: please PLEASE do not do clickbait. Its just the worst

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On 11/7/2016 at 9:10 PM, DigitalUmmah said:

This is a good thing. Well done team.

Development Team really pulled through to make the SC Twitter page happen, with help from the Moderators. :) 

Follow, reply, retweet @ShiaChatForum and use the hashtag #ShiaChat



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1 hour ago, Dr.Hussaini72 said:

great, i have already followed onn twitter....we should make this forum more accessible and try to expand it as much as possible.....Facebook should also be used to spread the message

The URL to the ShiaChat Twitter page is: 


ShiaChat has a facebook page for many years. Go here: 


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8 hours ago, notme said:

Shiachat Twitter is going great! Keep up the good work guys!

I dunno man. its been 5 months now, and its not even hit 70 followers yet. even my dumb twitter account has over 1,200 followers. 

@Shaykh Patience101 @hameedeh @wolverine @ShiaChat Moderator

guys twitter shouldn't be used purely as an advert for the forum - that's not how twitter works and its not interesting to passive readers. you need to generate original content - good tweets, starting hashtag trends, memes, Pics, video clips, things like this. you drive people to your site (and increase your follower count) through RTs and Favs because people like your stuff. once you hit critical mass, people will naturally go to your profile page and click on the link, bringing them here.

I would suggest asking around SC for people good at graphic design and video editing, and get them to join the twitter team. their job is to generate fresh, interesting content. just churn it out. 

Secondly, you generate interest by actually interacting with people. there are so many twitter wars going on. scan through the twitterverse and find a topic being debated, lets say for example fadak, and chime in saying "topic discussed in great length here <insert link to SC thread>"

basically, we need to work on how people outside SC see SC. mashaAllah it is a 20 year collection of every thread under the sun. actively search out where on twitter random members are fighting about hot topics, and reply to all the @'s including the link. its a good way to actually use the unique value of SC which no one else has. 

the best way to generate followers on twitter and on SC is to forget thinking SC just needs to tweet and the masses will surge to the site. take a different approach. try and identify twitter users who are obviously very active in debates on twitter - shia and non shia - and try to work on them to bring them here. it will be slower, but way more efficient, and will at least add to the variety of members here. 

just my 2 cents 

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9 hours ago, DigitalUmmah said:

I dunno man. its been 5 months now, and its not even hit 70 followers yet

The last time I checked, you were not following SC twitter. :woot: 

Most people who are already a member of ShiaChat have bookmarked the site. :D It will take time for SC Twitter to get new followers. 

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