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Religions and Philosophy

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Religion comprise of many things such as theology, jurisprudence, etc.

Philosophy is a thinking tool to organize thoughts such as Logic, "what is knowledge" in epistemology, and "Is there God?" as part of metaphysics in Philosophy.

So you would be very strong in understanding by doing both.

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Before answering that question bro, you should define philosophy and religion...what do you mean by them? According to some definitions, there is a discreet line between these two..but if you go by other definitions, you can fairly bring philosophy under religion.

so...let us know what you mean, then we can have a better discussion here.

For example, you might define philosophy as follows: "General rules of The Existence". As you can see in classic philosophy. Now if you define religion as "a complete system and guidance for life" you can say some parts of philosophy are included in religion, but many other parts help you to understand the world around you which in terms help you to understand some rules of religion better...

Honestly speaking, it is really difficult to describe the relation between these two, since there are different schools of philosophy and different religions...and even if you have one specific religion and school of philosophy in mind, then you barely would comprehend the relation before taking deep courses of study in both of them...

So, if you can make your question a bit more detailed, then further helps might be easier to offer.

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