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Argument from perception proves God

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1. We won't exist without perception. (to argue this, we say we aren't simply like a physical object whether a soul exists or not, this premise is true, in that we are to be perceived).

2. We exist.

3. Our perception of ourselves often and most likely inaccurate to exactly who we are.  (We may have confusing thoughts of what it means to be the ideal human or what is higher or lower and with the confusing views we maybe perceive ourselves on false perceptions, and our praise and condemnation of ourselves maybe inaccurate).

4. We require a perception that sees us as we truly are.

5. We therefore require a perception that sees us that is other then us.

6. That which perceives has to have the most accurate and best judgement of who we are.

7. The best judge can only be the ultimate perfect being.

8. Therefore if we exist, we have a perfect judge that perceives us.

9. Therefore a perfect judge perceives us.



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