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Haji 2003

American war of independence - Shia Role

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Kingdom of Mysore. A world away, the American Colonists had another ally in the Kingdom of Mysore. The Indian subcontinent was of growing importance to the British, and when the Kingdom allied with France and went to war with the British in the late 1770's, it caused challenges to a British Empire already stretched thin. Mysore attacks on British forts and outposts were costly. There are some thoughts that the war with Mysore may have been the tipping point, with the British being forced to decide whether to focus on reining in India or the Americas, ultimately choosing India, and making peace with the new United States.  


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Reading the history of Tipu Sultan and his father, I read somewhere that the kingdom of Maysoor had diplomatic missions exchanged with the newly declared USA. I forgot the name of the book but the kingdom was close to both Germany and the States. 

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