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1. Have a Ghusl /bath, put on new or clean clothes and apply perfume

2. Observe fast. (Fasting on the Day of Ghadir is equivalent to fasting the time span of the (existence of the) entire world-A hadith )

3. Recite ziyarats of Imam Ali ibne Abi Talib(as) (i) ziyarat Ameenallah ii) ziyarat Mut'laqah

4. Recite Dua-e-Nudbah.

5. Pray a 2 Raka't Salaat. before/near noon time , as under:

In the first Rakat recite Sura Qadr after Sura Fatihah & in the second Rakat recite Sura Ikhlass after Sura Fatihah

After Salaam

Go into Sajdah and say 100 times: 'SHUKRAN LILLAAH'
Then go into Sajdah and recite : 'ALHAMDU LILLAH' 100 times & 'SHUKRAN LILLAH' 100 times

A Hadith says 'One who does this Aa'mal today is entitled to receive the reward of a person who was present at Ghadeer, had heard the declaration, and accepted it as true'.

6. Another 2 Rakat Namaz - In every Raka'at, after the recitation of Surah Al Fatih'ah, recite: (i) Surah Al Ikhlaas 10 times.+ (ii) Aayaat ul Kursee 10 times. +(iii) Surah Qadr. 10 times.

Note: For details, check: http://duas.org/ghadir.htm


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