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Simultaneous, essential and continous causation

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I was reading "Our Philsophy" by ayatollah sadr. 

"Impossibility of Endurance of Effect without Presence of Complete Cause
Commonly we are inclined to think that it is possible for the effect to survive the cause. In this regard example is given of enduring of a building after its builder or enduring of artifacts after a craftsman has made them. But if the meaning of cause and effect and their rela­tions is really understood and the true concept of causality is known, then it will be seen that the effect is like the shadow or reflection of the cause, so that it can never be separated from it, as it is not possible to separate the shadow from its object. "

But analogies are not evidence, they are just analogies. We need proof that things are continously being sustained or caused by a being.  One analogy is not sufficent

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