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Ethyl Alcohol halal??

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I have done some research on it but have failed to find a satisfactory answer. A lot of products these days contain alcohol, it is either written in code form like E number or explicitly. Can someone please post a fatwa on the permissibility of alcohol in food? does a chemical reaction occur, does it not, what if we dont know? also what if we dont know the percentage of it?

for example I was looking to buy fermented hot pepper past and the ingredients are as follow: Corn syrup, water, wheat flour, red pepper powder, wheat grain, salt, ethyl alcohol, garlic, onion, rice powder, seed malt

Would it be considered as halal?

Thank you for your help

Best Regards

Wasslam :) 




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Question: Alcohol is used in the production of many drugs and medications: Is it permissible to take them? Are they considered pure (tãhir)?

Answer: They are pure; and since the alcohol used in them is so minute that it dissolves in them, it is therefore permissible to take them also.
So if we were to look at it in this context, the ethyl alcohol is also minute in the foods that we get from supermarkets. They literally make up a maximum of 2% of the whole product that you get. No matter how many times you eat it, it would not be intoxicating.
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the content of ethyle alcohol is very minute and in  different countries the limit is different for its content. 

the fatwa of seestani is certainly honored .

Normally the maximum content of ethyle alcohol is taken as 0.5%. in industries for products as halal.

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