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Thank you brothers. 

Well, somebody posted this on WhatsApp saying this Qur'an was published in Saudi and that they have deliberately tried to mistranslate it. I refrained from commenting on it till that time I was sure what it meant (so had it posted here).

Khayr, I really do hope that it is an unintentional typo. 

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This is my translation: (I'm a native).

(5) Guide us to the right path
(6) the path of those who You've favoured
(7) neither the path of those who give reasons of anger or who cause anger to God, nor the lost ones.

The word Irani in spanish mean Iranian, but what happens is that just ira means anger and the word ni means neither and nor. Is just bad grammar, the two words were written unseparately, they should've been written ira ni, instead of irani. 

Irani = Iranian

Ira ni = Anger neither or nor.

I hope it has helped you, I got my Quran from an iranian (but a digital one, I don't have a physical one) that I added on skype, and it has lots of these type of mistakes, like words that should've been written separately and are together. like kissme slow ly, instead of kiss me slowly. 

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There say: "no de los que son motivo de ira ni de los extraviados"... "ira" means anger, "ni" means neiter. in this context... in this case is a clear typo.

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"Not from those who are the cause of wrath nor from the ones who strayed" is the meaning.

However, they put the "ira" and the "ni" very close so it looked like the word "iraní" and it is quite easy to confuse it.

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