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exchange student in seoul - Any Muslims?

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AOA everyone, I hope you all are doing well :)

Its been less then a week since I arrived in Seoul South Korea. Seoul is a great city with lots of amazing things to do and I love it so far. However it is extremely difficult if not impossible to avoid alcohol on the table when being with friends, its part of their culture and alcohol being so cheap other foreigners do the same. I have completely avoided gatherings or even having lunch with friends or other girls i am sharing the place with, but being a Muslim Hijabi with no understanding of the language its not easy to go sightseeing alone, going to restaurants alone etc. I really want to enjoy my time here in a halal way, but I want to be able to do it with a friend or at least have a small social circle... :(

I highly doubt it, but is there anyone from seoul on SC? or knows Muslim students in seoul so that we can travel together etc? 

Anyone else been to South Korea?


Thank you for your help :)



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Probably you can look into these two and contact them if you think it is suitable :



also this article :

Personally, my own purpose has become translating Islamic books of every level into Korean. There are almost no children books and I want to work in that area. Due to the huge number of Muslims in Korea, there is of course a Muslim area in Seoul. ***There is this place called Itaewon, where the mosque is located that has streets lined up with Halal Restaurants and stores that sell halal meat.*** 

It's not much but enough to survive by. I'm not going to say that food is easy over here but it's not impossible to live here. More than anything, so far all the people that have approached me regarding the hijab have been polite and almost always guided by curiosity because they have no idea why we do what we do.”



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