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On 19/08/2016 at 3:13 PM, Aabiss_Shakari said:


I just read some hadiths about Sufi sect of Islam. I want to know if these hadiths are authentic or not.

1. Allama Shaikh Bahai copied from Mohadith Abbas Qummi that "Prophet Muhammad PBUH said "Before the day of Qayama a group will appear in my Ummah who will have the name "Sufia". In fact they will not be among my Ummah rather will be considered among Jews. They will be worst than Kafirs and will be dwellers of hell" [Safina tul Bahar V. 2. P. 58, Khazeena e Imania P. 177 Allama Ghulab Ali Shah Naqvi]

2. Allamah Muqadas Irdbili reported that a person said to Imam Jafar Sadiq a.s that "A new group has emerged who are called "Sufi" by people. What do you say about them?" Imam a.s replied "There is no doubt about it that they are our enemies. Whosoever will love them will be considered from themselves and will be with them in the day of Judgment. Soon there will be another group who will be similar to them and will have the same type of clothing and sayings and will call themselves as Sufi and will interpret the words of these Sufi in way of Kafirs and Zindeeqs. Therefore, they are not from us. We separate ourselves from them. Whosoever will oppose them and fight against them will be like one doing Jehad along with Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). [Hadiqa tul Shia P. 562-563, Khazeena e Imania P. 178, Jalwa e Haq P. 38 by Ayatullah Nasir Makaram Shirazi]

3. Allamah Muqadas Irdbili reported from Imam Ali Raza a.s that Imam a.s said "No person has the faith of Tasawuf but the one who is being deceived,  or deviated from right path or is foolish" [Hadiqa tul Shia P. 205, Khazeena e Imania, P. 177]



I do not have a hard time believing this

In an interview, the Bektashi "Shia" Sufi elders groan at the azan, because they were busy "meditating."

Universal Sufis, followers of Inayat Khan, believe the Shahadah is not necessary to join the club of Sufis, meaning you can be a Hindu or Atheist but you do not need to pray.

Naqshibandiyyah believe that Naqshband will be with you at the time of your death, in your grave, and he can be 7 places at once.

Other Sufis believe the Sharia is not requires for people who have truly "experienced reality."

That being said, some of their practices are in the Sunnah. Dhikr, Tafakkur and Muraqaba (there is a difference) are all there.


Dhikr is repetition of names, attributes, praises of God using fingers or beads to count.

Takaffur is dilent reflection, done usually upon hadiths or verses of Quran

Muraqaba, also known as Ihtikaf, is secluding yourself from worldly problems and doing dhikr for an extended period of time, bowing, prostrating, reciting Quran, and doing Salah.

This is my understanding of Dhikr, Takaffur and Muraqaba based on their Arabic meanings, historical uses, duas of Mausumeen (as) and hadith from Allamah Tabatabai and other books.

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Bektaşî and alevs are the same like finger and nail

Bektaşî babalar and elders are Alevi Türkmen 

ANYONE can follow Bektaşî but cannot be a BABA or an elderer just like Alevis 

Bektaşî do pray but our interpretationis different 


Plus Hz Muhammed did not have the exan we have today

Back than it was ÇAĞRI the call 


Allah hu Akbar 




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