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Favorite Color? POLL

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I don't have a favorite, but most of the time I like purple and green. 

But my four year old wants to know why red is the color of death and violence, and also the color of love. I think she's a genius to ask such a question, but I couldn't/didn't answer.

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Is this for a new color theme for the forum? If so can devs make a dark grey theme or at least a stylish script?

No, this is just for fun. 

I've heard it's problematic to change the theme within IP. Hopefully someone can volunteer to make a Stylish script. In the meantime, you can try the Global themes on Stylish, which aren't bad.

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My "favorite" has changed over time.

Like most boys -from the educational literature l use to read- my first favorite was red. Yet, like a few, l preferred black and white pictures and disliked bright colors. Then from 10 it was light green. I painted my attic room this color. After that I didn't have one. Finally, a few years ago, my favorite became blue or bluish-purple depending on setting --especially during Sunset/Sunrise.

Note: this ought to keep those busy-body profilers busy for a while.

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