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Shameless deception of Ahmad al-Hassan with Shia h

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Ahmad al-Hassan exposed: 

Shameless deception of Ahmad al-Hassan with Shia hadith!

In this article, we wish to expose another decepton of Ahmad al-Hassan with Shia hadith. Since, there is no evidences for Ahmad al-Hassan, he has to create them by making new and false interpretation or by cutting the hadith, so that he can feed it into his narrative

Read here:http://shia-rafidah.com/articles/108-qaim-ahmad.html#.V6xi3E2LSUk

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@Ali al-Abdullah, Salam. When one sends a curse which does not find its target it returns to the one who sent it. Anyway Imam Ahmed al-Hasan a.s. has told us to never curse anybody even if they curse him. may Allah swt forgive you because you  are given wrong information. We live in big fitna. 

Ahmed al-Hasan's call and mission as messenger of Imam al-Mahdi pbuh started in 1999 for Hawza of Najaf and for whole world in 2003. In 2011 a person called Abdullah Hashem believed in the Imam pbuh and together his followers believed also. He had many followers because of the series "The Arrivals" .   In 2015 he disbelieved in Ahmed al-Hasan and started his own teachings/beliefs , he claims that he is the father of Prophet Mohammed pbuhap and that no such person as Imam al-Mahdi pbuh exists but that he is Prophet Mohammed reincarnated . He claims that no such person as Ahmed al-Hasan exists and that this is Imam Hussein reincarnated.  Him and his followers believe in reincarnation which they claim its the Raja  , which is nonsense,  Abdullah Hashem is Ibn Nusayr of this era, they are Neo-Nusairi movement.

Ahmed al-Hasan has never claimed to be Imam Hussain pbuh. Raja starts after the Imam with no progeny, which is the 12th Mahdi from the progeny of Imam Mohammed bin Hasan al-Askari pbuh and the 12th Mahdi pbuh himself will rule for 200 years because of technological advancement in his age. Imam Hussain pbuh returns after the Imam with no progeny according to our narrations and Imam al-Mahdi pbuh has offspring according to our narrations. So we live hundred of years away from Rajah when Hussain son of Ali pbuh returns. 

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