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This sure is poetry

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sorry for the bad translation


When you are a mountain, does it matter if it is rain or flood?

When you are redwood, does it matter if it is wind or storm?


The borders are of this world, but you belong to heavens.

Does it matter if it is the heavens of Damascus or Tehran?


The border of ours is love, and wherever is the love, that land is ours.

Samarra, Ghaza, Aleppo, Tehran.. Does it matter?


The lock, we must break, we have to get out of the cage.

Khasra Azzahra or Abadan, does it matter?


For those who don't wake up in the morning of martyrdom, there is the night of death.

Does it matter if it is death without martyrdom or loss?


The body of khoknus burns in flames but

Does it matter if it is beginning or the end?

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