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Retreat in Southeastern United States

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I thought some might be interested in an event like this. This is geared towards young professionals and students (ages 18-35, with exceptions made on a case-by-case basis). Instructors present will be Shaykh Amin Rastani, Sayyid 'Ali Zaydi, and Sayyid Hasan Naqvi. The retreat will take place in Ocoee, TN. This is the 2nd annual retreat titled, The Criterion: Qur'anic Lessons on Islamic Identity. The following message was sent out by the organizing team. Please participate by registering at alwahdah.org. For those that can't, please try to support the cause by donating on gofundme.com/alwahdah.
Looking forward to seeing some inshaAllah :)


As you all are aware, the Southeast has been lacking in quality Islamic events for our younger generation (specifically College Students & Young Professionals). With this in mind, several young individuals in the region organized the Al Wahdah Retreat last year for the first time, and with God's help, the retreat was a genuine success.  As a result, there will be a second Al Wahdah Retreat this year from August 11-14 for all to benefit from. 
Alhamdulilah the organization of this retreat is already underway. Guest speakers that will be blessing the getaway with their lectures and workshops include Sheikh Amin Rastani, Sayyid Ali Zaidi, and Sayyid Hasan Naqvi.  The location of the retreat has also been decided upon; it will take place at the Ocoee Retreat Center in Ocoee, TN. 
An event in this region with the caliber of the scholars listed above is unprecedented. Although efforts in various cities across the south east provide services to their respective local communities, a retreat of this sort aims to create networks between these cities for our youth to learn from the experiences of others in region and engage in organizing in their local communities with an expanded and refreshed worldview.
However, as you know, to put together these types of retreats requires funding. Knowing the brothers and sisters organizing this event, the great amount of positive feedback that came out of last year's retreat, and knowing the scholars that will be present, I truly believe this retreat will be effective and have a lasting effect on our communities. With this in mind, I want to inform you that the group is short of the total costs for the retreat. It would be greatly appreciated if you can donate whatever you are able to towards this worthy cause.
To make your donation, please go the following website and make your payment: http://alwahdah.org/support/ or our crowd funding page  www.gofundme.com/alwahdah
For more information on the retreat, aims, and FAQs please visit www.alwahdah.org



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