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high igE levels, help!

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Salam I got the igE level tested and it is 3000 plus. It is pretty high. I am wondering what to do next? Should I get food allergy and food intolerance tested? I have been suffering from shortness of breathe quite often. I do not suffer from asthma according to the doctor. I was never told what I should be doing.  any advice on how to keep the level low? would appreciate. 

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That's a very high level and the cause must be sought out. IgE levels can becime elevated in a number of conditions like allergies parasitic infection, IgE mylemoma or hyper IgEsyndrome. Your physician should investigate to find out the cause. 

Have you had any infections recently? Particularly skin or respiratory infection?  Do you know your eosinophil count? 

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4 hours ago, starlight said:

. Your doctor should be doing lung functions tests and methacholine challenge test. 

Is that anything like a car mechanic doing a carburetor vacuum test and an EGR's vacuum disc test ?

Seriously, "medical mechanics", for the lack of an informed phrasing, l always found :cool:.

The medicinal stuff l find mind-boggling. But things like radiology, readjusting the plumbing, orthopedics and stuff l always found fascinating.

I hope you can tolerate my quirky humor.

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