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How do Shia view Alawi

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On 1/24/2017 at 1:34 AM, AleviTurkmenKhorasan said:

That is not true, we blended in Tengri with Islam


Alawism and Alevi is different

Its really funny how you are "alawites" while imam ali himself made imam hassan the next imam, and take into considerstion the hadith of the prophet wehn he says there are 12 imams last of them is imam al mahdi.

 Seriously you turks are stupid and tyrants

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Bro we have been called Alevis since 1900s before that we were known as Qizilbas 

And before that Turk Islam tasavuuf 

"Dede" comes from central Asian as the most intelligent, pious and believer in God whom is a mürşid

We also did not want to accept Islam at the beginning until Ahlibeyt came after escaping from ummayad and Abbasid empire 


Ahlibeyt married with Turkmens and Ahmet Yesevi (Ahlibeyt bloodlinr) became our teacher whom taught Turkmen Ahlibeyt bloodline children about Islam 


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