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Miss Wonderful

New Heart, Made From Pig Heart

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How far is too much? Scientists waste billions trying to make organs from scratch, but heavily rely on what Allah SWT has already created. They took the heart of a pig, dipped it in detergent, and then a cell from a human heart, and let it multiply on the pig heart. This make the pig heart function after I believe it was given an electric charge. This pig heart, they hope will be used for heart transplant for human in the future.....but still under construction.......... seriously what in the hey hey. Why are scientists trying their hardest with blood, sweat, and tears, to try to become God. This billion of dollar research can be used to feed the poor ppl in the world, and do something useful.... How many of you would accept a pig heart frankenstein for a family member who need it? Allah SWT made us guest into His world so we can ponder and reflect and say SubhanAllah...but how far is too far? What do you think about this pig heart? 



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