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3 minutes ago, andres said:

Perhaps? I always heard the Quran is written in Qureishi dialect. Why would it not be written the way Muhammed refered to what he heard?

Dialects are forms of pronunciation and not necessarily conjugations or declensions. The Qur'anic Arabic became the standard for Arabic; the similar thing happened to the Tiberian Hebrew- after the 9th century when the Masoretes vocalized the Hebrew Text, Tiberian became the standard for Hebrew. However, the Samaritans have the same Text- written the same way- but they vocalize it differently.

There is a hadith I remember where Abu Bakr (RAA) heard a young man reciting the Qur'an; it was so different from what he had heard from Muhammad (SAAWAAWS) that he took the young man before the Holy Prophet (SAAWAAWS) for clarification. The Holy Prophet (SAAWAAWS) explained that the Qur'an was revealed upon 7 huruf- letters.

Many Islamic historians explain this as forms of recitation, but we cannot be sure. How a verse is recited is based upon the harakat- not the huruf. If I recite basmallah with a normal fatha or with alef khanjariyah, it still meant the same. However, that alone should not have disturbed Abu Bakr (RAA). We will never know because the original copies of the Qur'an contained no harakat.

Dialect does not matter. Arabic is Arabic, Hebrew is Hebrew.

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1 minute ago, andres said:

 Maybe the dialect Muhammed spoke became the "official" due to the Quran. If so, the Quran is written in the language Muhammed spoke. 

It could have, who knows? What does it matter? Muhammad (SAAWAWS) grew up among Arabs and speaking Arabic- this is the language of the Qur'an.

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