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Abou Al Hassan

Need help in London

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Assalamo alaikom all, I hope this is the right place to post this topic...if not please indicate me which is the best forum to post in.

I am an Italian-Lebanese moslim and I am planning to change my life moving from Italy to London because the life here is a bet complicated...I am 45, married and have 4 children. I don't have any contact in London and I was wondering if there is any brother/sister that can give me some info/indications about life and possibilities in the UK.

Ajarakom Allah all.

Abou Al Hassan

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Websites such as monster.co.uk will give you an idea of the relevant employment opportunities. There are also various estate agents/realtors sites you can use to assess the costs of buying/renting property (e.g. rightmove.co.uk) .

Once you get an idea of where possible employment/residence is likely to be, you should we able to work out which 'borough' you will be in. This will dictate choice of schools, because education is delivered on the basis of borough of residence.

Other than that, you'll find it possible to reach Shia centres from almost anywhere in the capital. Halal food etc. is available more or less everywhere as well.

Feel free to come back with any more specific questions.


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