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Mustafa Hussain

What is Firqa or Sect..?

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We are the followers of religion called Islam. Those who believe in Allah and his Prophet is called as Muslim. You can call yourself a muslim if you believe in them. However, we see that after Holy Prophet (sawa), some people usurped the caliphate from his rightful candidate. Hence People got divided into two sects: those who believe in Allah, His Prophet (sawa) and Imam Ali (a.s.) and other those that believed in Allah, his Prophet (sawa) and Abu Bakar. The matter of two sect continued until other sects came into existence like nusairi (believed Imam Ali (a.s.) as God), kaisani (believed Mohammad e Hanafiya as their Imam after Imam Hussain (a.s.)), Ismaili, Bohra,  etc, etc. 

Among these few sects got extinct by time and other remains. When we see our beliefs, we'll come to know to which sect/firqa we belong. Calling yourself Muslim is not enough at all. Holy Prophet (sawa) has already prophesied that my ummah will be divided into 73 sects, from which 1 will go to jannat. What the Prophet of Allah has said is bound to happen. There will be sect and firqa, we have to do research and find the correct one (no blind faith allowed). 

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2 hours ago, Mustafa Hussain said:

is this necessary to belonging any firqa/sect for present your self as a Muslim..??



Regarding title we all are Muslims but regarding believing to certain beliefs and acting upon certain jurisprudential deeds, there is no way unless we choose one firqa/sect.

With Duas.


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