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Anyone going on these trips?

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2 hours ago, zainabamy said:


Is anyone planning on going on the AIM trip to Iran in August or Spiritual Journeys Arbaeen? I've registered to do both and hope to go inshallah. :D 

I've been invited to attend a conference in London on 2-4 August but I will be happy if meet you and your team in Qom, Insha'Allah.

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wsalaam , I wanted to go to Iran on the AIM trip this year but I won't be able to afford it at the moment , and The last time I went to Iran was a couple of years ago and mashallah it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life ! we stayed in the holy city of Qom for 2 weeks and we stayed about 5 days in the holy city of Mashhad , I was truly blessed to be able to visit the imam (as) and his beloved sister masooma (sa) , Apart from the holy shrines my favourite place in Iran was when we all went up to mount khizr , The spiritual vibes were so amazing and I was so content when I was up their especially since it was twilight time and the sun set was just beautiful  :), Anyway I hope you have a wonderful trip inshallah , for me it was life changing and I hope it has the same effect on you as well

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