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Are Alevi's Seyyeds?

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Alevis are seyyids, which is why we cannot marry any other

Bro all of you seem to lack the knowledge about alevis

To be an alevi you have to be seyyid otherwise you will become a bektashi

It starts in Turkistan, when Ahlibeyt family runs away from Abbasi and settles in Turkish territory, Musa-i Kazim son grandaughter Vedduha marries Bahsi Han  and they have two children

Seyh Hasan and Seyh Ahmet,  these become educated about Allah,sufi,ahlaki, tasavvufi etc under Pir Ahmet Yesevi 

This is where Alevis starts, plus Alevi name is quite new, during the 1500s it was kizilbash and before that turkmen sufi bektashi

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7 hours ago, AleviTurkmenKhorasan said:

Turkmen alevis anatolian bektashis

Alawis are Syrians 


I was not asking you for your definition since you were not the OP. I was asking Faruk.

There are Alevis in IndoPak as well. I think they claim descent from Hz Ali(as) 

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