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Wahabi and khwariji

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Comparison between Khawarij and Wahhabism

Through deep thinking and comparing the approach, Fatwa’s and policy of Wahhabism with Khawarij one can realize easily that there is close relationship between these two extremist movements. Khawarij was an extremist group which appeared in the fourth decade of the first century  in Islamic land, lasted more than one century, and  finally  vanished, it is important to note, that   the main characteristic of this  movement is that they didn’t had any religious insight and deep understanding of Islamic teaching, their thoughts and deeds are one of the telling arguments to prove this fact  ,for example, they    believed  that others  are infidels except themselves, furthermore , they believed that killing  other Muslims ,plundering their  properties  and holding as a captive their families  is permissible, based on their believes, if    people  commit major sins in Islamic state it will turn to a non- Muslim land where non- believers live in, they killed ‘Abdullah Ibn Khabab, one of the companions of the holy prophet, and his wife while she was pregnant  because he was the lover of Imam Ali , peace be upon him. In the same way, Wahhabis believe that others are Mushrik , specially Shi’a, they, also, believe that killing others, plundering their properties  are permissible like Khawarij .

It seems that there is no difference between them except  in time and place, Khawarij were living at the time of Imam Ali, peace be upon him, in Kufa and its vicinity, but Wahhabism  live in contemporary world in Mecca.      

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