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Online Q&A with a Shaykh - Moulanaonline.com

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There is a new Shia site available where the resident aalim of the SABA Center, Sayyid Nabi Raza Abidi, answers questions regarding Islamic law. For basic questions you should get your response within 48 hours. More complex questions require more time.

You can find the site at http://www.moulanaonline.com

Those of you who wish to know more about Sayyid Nabi Raza Abidi, you can see his facebook page (Saba Islamic Center)

or check out his center's blog at: http://www.sabacenterblog.com

or his main webpage: http://moulanaabidi.com

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Congratulations to SABA Center for the initiation of the new Q & A site at moulanaonline.com which is a great service for the Ummah. May Allah SWT bless moulana and strengthen his hand in all his Islamic endeavors.  

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