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On 10 March 2016 at 10:16 AM, hasanhh said:

I liked Xi'an.

Well following intense internet searches etc. it looks as if that's where we are going. Whenever I'd ask the wife about progress with bookings it was always Xi'an that came up.

Flight times mean that we'll only really have 3 full days there.

I had suggested we take an earlier flight out of Hong Kong, stay the night in Shanghai for the connection next morning and get to Xian at 11am. But no, the kids will have spent too much time travelling, which is code for her being tired. So we spend the night in Hong Kong, take the 2pm direct flight to Xian from Hong Kong and get there at 5pm and that's one full day we lose.

Checked out all the other options as well, including night trains, but nothing else was working.

Still, I've got the kids watching documentaries about the terracotta army, so we should hit the ground running.

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@hasanhh Bro, can you recommend any restaurants? Also for sightseeing, is a DIY approach possible or would you recommend taking on an English speaking guide? Since we are only there for 3 days there isn't much scope to make many mistakes.  

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55 minutes ago, Haji 2003 said:

@hasanhh Bro, can you recommend any restaurants? Also for sightseeing, is a DIY approach possible or would you recommend taking on an English speaking guide? Since we are only there for 3 days there isn't much scope to make many mistakes.  

Restaurants: I ate at the hotel's buffet, mostly. A tour guide knows other places.

Health Note: Don't forget your hepatitis series. A lot of Zhong Guo is still 3rd World.

Tours: I took the hotel organized tour of the Clay/Pottery Army. You cannot take pictures just anywhere. They have now set aside a picture position with the clay figures. The museum has more archeology info now than when l was there. There is also tours of other places. I bought some Burmese jade at the jade factory there. A good place to buy gifts for aunts, mothers, etc.

Safety Note: Do not stand near the RR tracks when the trains pull in. It is not as bad now -l have read- but people start throwing stuff and garbage out the windows when the train slows. Also, watchout for the police chasing people trying to 'ride the rails'.

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Thanks. I've been in email contact with a tour company and their proposed itinerary is to spend the morning with the terracotta army and after lunch to go to the great mosque and muslim street. Does that sound reasonable to you?

Day 2 is biking on the old city wall and Shaanxi museum in the morning, with the bell and drum tower in the afternoon+ goose pagoda

Day 3 is Mount Huashan

The jade sounds interesting and I assume you are comfortable with its genuineness. My concern is the amount of time this could chew up. I assume you did not have a woman in tow?

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