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How to boost energy

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Assalam aleikum,

For the last few months I've suffered with Insomnia but al hamdulilah recently I have been able to get it under control and am sleeping a lot earlier. The only problem I have is that even if I have a good 8,9 or 10 hours sleep, I really struggle to wake up. Even on days when I can sleep until 9am or 10am, I find it impossible to wake up, and getting up for Fajr at 6am is a real problem. And then for the rest of the day I feel so tired, most days I have to have a nap in the afternoon because I can't stay awake.

Do you any of you have any advice for my situation? Its really affecting not only going to University but my prayers as well.  I need some suggestions of things I can do that can help me to boost my energy and keep me awake during the day.

Thank you in advance. :) 


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Asalaam O Alaikum dear sister,

Alhamdolilah that your insomnia is now better, however I would recommend for you to think about which changes you incorporated in your routine for this to change. For example, if you are taking some form on medication, could it be side effects from that? Have you been stressed recently? I think maybe if you think about what caused this change, this might help you.

In terms of waking up at particular times, especially for prayers: 

Recitation of Surah al-Kahf [18:110] is good for making a person wake up at a particular time. All that has to be done is to make an intention of the exact time you wish to wake up and then recite this ayah before sleeping.


Surah al-Mursalaat [77]

Keeping this surah, written on deerskin, as a talisman, enables one to reduce the amount of time he sleeps and he will be able to stay awake for a longer time.



Hope that helps! Salaam :)

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