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4 hours ago, Darth Vader said:

Its everywhere and within everything. Lies and distortions to make people of the world think they are helplessly inferior to "them". E.g.:

They are such a great nation therefore:

  • They landed on and played golf on the moon. l remember this. People were so disgusted that it effectively "killed" the space program. Congress would not approve any money. The Shuttle program was a 'face saver'.


  • Advanced human race to Science! Evolution! Atheism! New Age! Therefore religions are a lie!
  • Capitalist economy model has won (lol right)

ln the background, the TV documentary is discussing the poor education levels in the Southern US. Most 9th graders 'read' on the 4th grade level.

This makes Psy-War on US easier. Dumb people don't know how to react or think about everything.

And these victims can't make up the difference from the cut-in-food stamps.

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2 hours ago, shiaman14 said:

@Darth Vader      @hasanhh

I think brother @S.M.H.A. was talking about the psy-ops on the shia but you guys are right.


For any of US that post about anti-Shi'a PsyOp we need to use a lot of FORETHOUGHT.

Example: Remember the German university girl this past Winter who was asking about the vulnerabilities lran and the mullahs ? ? ? ?

Recommend: posting warnings without revealing anything those anti-Muslims can use.

One of oldest politico-military adages is: Never Correct Your Enemy.

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Another Theme, Quranist Argument. 

Giving an impression that ALL Hadith are unreliable is misinformation.

There is a major misconception here, because of the Blanket and General statement regarding Hadith. We are using it in a very loose sense and it does have a tendency to misguide.

At the very basic level of understanding. If some Hadith are unreliable it does not mean that All Hadith are unreliable.

I would be very careful, and clearly articulate the Issue instead of just generalizing it and misleading ourselves and others by mistake

This statement can’t become a slogan, or a theme,  or a general concept that All Hadith are unreliable.  S we know,  if people repeat something or some concept it tends to stick and starts to become a reality. So, it's  important that whenever we hear/read that gives this perception in any context(using any pretext).

We should alert the writer and the readers to this reality. We can't stay silent, like the one(s) who stayed silent and were on sideline due to political/social/(worldly) concerns or were the victim of propaganda and confused during Karbala. Because Truth is clear from falsehood, It requires paying attention and making a choice. We always have choice. We do not procrastinate in things that concerns us(worldly matters), we only do it in things that we do not see as important or urgent. Or we tend to unload the responsibility to others.(More Knowledgeable, Intelligent, resourceful people).  Someone else will do it who am I. just a layperson.

What is the reality here, As a Layman, an average person. I am, as other laypeople are First concerned with the Basics/Fundamentals of Islam. In this regard. Arbitration here is with Intellect, Qur’an and Sunnah. (Using Sunnah for simplicity at this stage). Documented Historical Events/Facts.(History).

All Muslims agree on the few fundamental Hadith/Tradition and Major Historical events/Facts. No one can deny it. ( May differ in meaning or certain words). But the Overall Hadith/Event is unanimously agreed upon( By ALL Muslims).

So, either we are not aware of these facts or we are been misguided/mislead for a reason. Either way, it's our responsibility to understand the difference otherwise we are willing participants in something that is very destructive. We can’t say we did not know, it will not be acceptable, as we spend almost 12 years of our  life in obtaining basic high school education to ensure we have  basic  food/shelter. We are used to questioning, analyzing and processing information for our benefit. So, our minds are wired this way, we have no excuse here.

Trying to understand the Religion, at a very basic/fundamental level. We do not need Expert Hadith/Tradition analysis. ( I could be wrong). I understand there are different, stages, levels of understanding, where you need the Expertise. ( that’s a different Topic).

Because, There are Traditions(Hadith) that are unanimously agreed( by ALL Muslims).

Tradition of the Two Weighty Things (thaqalayn)

The Messenger of Allah declared:

"It seems the time approached when I shall be called away (by Allah) and I shall answer that call. I am leaving for you two precious things and if you adhere to them both,  you will never go astray after me. They are the Book of Allah and my Progeny, that is my Ahlul Bayt. The two shall never separate from each other until they come to me by the Pool (of Paradise)

Then followed the key sentence denoting the clear designation of 'Ali as the leader of the Muslim ummah.  The Prophet held up the hand of 'Ali and said:

"For whoever I am his Leader (mawla), 'Ali is his Leader (mawla)."

The well-known and reliable hadith of the Prophet -

"I am the city of knowledge and 'Ali is its gate"

Many more, that serve as the foundation of basic beliefs for us laypeople.

So, either

A) We are not paying attention to the details and getting lost in the Marketing.  Which will be our fault and our responsibility. No one else to blame here.

B) The argument, that hadith issue is causing me to only resort to Qur’an. is a smoke  screen.

Some maybe  are marketing  this theory, because Hadith in their books prove, their sect wrong. And the merits of Al-e- Kisa (as) can’t be denied.

So safe way is to just resort to denying everything.  (Think about this).  Tragedy of Thursday, Hydhabyia etc...

Another important Question, which needs to be asked/answered, What about the Historical Facts?

Fadak, Saqifa, Battle of Jamal, Battle of Siffin, Karbala.  

These are Historical Facts that All Muslims agree. They serve as Guide for lay Truthseekers at the very basic level they point to certain realities which need to be investigated. So, There is nothing except for me to resort to Qur’an argument again, looses its validity here.

These Historical events can be diluted and deflected and spinned  if the Hadith that ‘Hussain(as) is from me, or whoever hurts Sayeda Fatima(sa) , merits of Imam Ali(as) or who was there at event of Mubahila are discarded under this blanket argument of i can’t be sure of Hadith.  Everything becomes a fair game…

All these Historical events were just issues between Muslim of that time, no one was superior to anyone, so move on……..

...I think Some,  have moved from palying with terms and meaning to out right rejecting them under the pretext( which is different with period- rejecting hadith due concerns of health, or ban due to people mixing word of Allah(awj) and human etc...

Murderer and the murdered both (RA). Confusion, Iblis is winning as his plan comes to fruition.Recipe for Agnostic belief system .which leads to Atheism. Because our Intellect does not buy this argument or belief system hence it starts to reject it, as it probes more and more for the Truth ...it starts the chain reaction ...


(Disclaimer: I  do not care about likes/dislikes, or I agree with you comments. I am a layman, average person. Ask a question to get clarification. Anything that you see which is wrong, you are allowed and more importantly, it's your responsibility to provide constructive feedback).

Edited by S.M.H.A.

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