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Chaotic Muslem

How Difficult Arabic Is

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So a new member of our crew joined last week. He is American and apparently never ever tried even to say salam XD so he gotta learn everything from scratch. He asked for help to pick up quickly the most important phrases so he can be efficient in dealing with us.

I was looking around internet for a video that keeps repeating phrases till mind start repeating them itself. I found this video that says that the most difficult part of Arabic is the pronunciation and that 7a and Ha sound same for non arab ears 0.o

I was like : this can't be true. 7a is elemental.. it is what you say when you cough and when you clear your throat ko7e ko7! e7m

It is as elemental as ha and aa, just open your mouth and ha will come out or an aa 0.0 ....7a is as much elemental as that 0.o

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dhad (ض) and 'ayn (ع) and possibly sad (ص)

(but not pronouncing these letters isn't embarrassing, virtually no non Arabs pronounce them, except those who have learned Arabic, and even then it varies from person to person - also salaam vs salam etc, Arabs also don't tend to correct bad pronunciation, so even if technically it isn't correct, it isn't an issue)

You're friend probably hasn't had the pronunciations explained to him properly so that he understands what their equivalent is in English.

Ha (ح) is the 'h' of: Aha!

Whereas ha (ه) is the 'h' of: Hello

He should watch this:



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Grammatically speaking, Arabic isnt a difficult language but the accent is not beautiful.

Some African languages also have some very odd sounds.

Some languages lack some basic sounds, for example French lacks"r" or Arabic lacks "p, zh (as sio intelevision), ch (as tu in picture), g (as in gallary)".

Italian and Hebrew way of pronouncing R is also unusual for me: they say "rrrr".

* If you want to learn how to pronounce ch, repeat saying "white shoes". If you repeat it quickly, then it will become "why choose".

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1 hour ago, E.L King said:

Arabic is easy and I was raised in the West yet I can read and write it and I attend no classes. 


Teach me your ways of learning Arabic so easily, reading and writing that is. 

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10 hours ago, Sirius_Bright said:

You should post this on poor jokes thread. :confused:

Bro if its hard i wouldnt know how to do it. I dont do hard stuff only easy stuff.

18 hours ago, حسين said:

Teach me your ways of learning Arabic so easily, reading and writing that is. 

You have to be born Arab.. naa im joking.

Watch Medina series bro

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