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Ibn Al-Shahid

Irfan/Spiritual teacher in Lebanon

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Theres Sayyed Abbas Noureddine over at مركز باء للدراسات. He's very well known. They used to do a course called سفر الى الملكوت that Im pretty sure tackles irfani and spiritual topics but Im not sure if they do it for the brothers as well. Theres a sample of the courses book here http://www.baa-center.org/baacenter/BooksDetails.aspx?BookID=81  .They also have publications like لطائف عرفانية. I suggest you contact them and inquire about their lectures and courses they might even be able to suggest other places you can go. (Website: http://www.baa-center.org/baacenter/Main.aspx )

As for hawzas you can check out: http://www.miu-lb.org/


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On 2/14/2016 at 11:13 AM, Abrar7866 said:

@Yasmeena Any translated material?


Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I saw a few of their translated books at an islamic book festival. I'd flipped through them but I don't remember if they were any good.

They have these listed on the site:

http://www.baa-center.org/baacenter/BooksDetails.aspx?BookID=211  The Man Behind the Leader

http://www.baa-center.org/baacenter/BooksDetails.aspx?BookID=212   Living With No Sins

http://www.baa-center.org/baacenter/BooksDetails.aspx?BookID=213   The Return of the Soul 

http://www.baa-center.org/baacenter/BooksDetails.aspx?BookID=214   Islam in the Holy Quran 


@Ibn Al-Shahid  I've recently asked and been told about lectures that  الشيخ شفيق جرادي (from معهد المعارف الحكمية)  used to give at Masjid Al-Mujtaba in beirut. Not specifically irfani just spiritual. You'll have to look more into it if you're interested. Their contact info is here: http://shurouk.org/

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Bismehe Ta3ala,

Assalam Alikum.

Sister do you have contact information for Masjid al Mujtaba? They are starting a youth program for a book club.  I want to know when there next meeting will take place.  It is also with Sheikh Shafeeq Jradi too.  I attended the first one, but I didn't get the exact date for the next meeting.

You should come too!

M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah


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