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What is your goal today?

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Goals for the day:

1. do really well at work and negotiate a higher salary!

2. Read and digest 15 pages of this new book I got on Formula 1 design.<irony> Stoopid modern life and its limitations on time spent reading. What is the point of working all day so we end with no time to read at the end. Why can't we all just become luddites... </irony>

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The goals for today set by me last night: 

1.Do laundry 

2. Bake a cake

3. Start organizing my notes for my  review book

4.Work out 

Review of goals this morning ( after dropping the kids to school in freezing weather) 

1. Download and watch a movie in bed

2. Eat lots of crisps

At 1:12 pm 

Sudden realization ! Wasted the whole morning lazing in bed doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING besides refreshing SC newsfeed and annoying magma ( well that kind of makes up for everything else:shifty: but still) 

New goal 

1.act like a responsible grownup :p


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10 minutes ago, Pearl178 said:

I love the smell of fresh laundry!

If you have a large family you can smell fresh laundry every day, sometimes several times a day. :)

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10 minutes ago, DigitalUmmah said:

watch as many episodes of the netflix series "a series of unfortunate events" as possible

I read the first book but didn't continue the series because it was just such a downer.


Goal for the day: I need to assemble the cabinet I got for my daughter to store her fragile things. The replacement for the one that the cat broke arrived much sooner than expected. 

Not the cabinet, the cat didn't break a cabinet, the cat broke a fragile thing that was precious to my daughter. That's why I decided she needs a cabinet. 

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16 hours ago, hameedeh said:

Do at least one thing on your 'to do' list and get that real good feeling. Then keep on going. Make it a great day! :) 

Actually I haven't accomplished anything that was on my list for today, but I did give my toddler a bath and cook dinner, so I'm alright. I just need to start adding simpler things to my list.

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