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Ibn Al-Shahid

كتب مصححة

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بسمه تعالى


I've come across many books that have been Mu'sa'ha'ha by someone else (meaning that underneath the original author's content the mu'sa'hi'h puts in his own explainations/revision because of theories being outdated or refuted many years after the publishing of the book). My question is as follows:

What is the best way to go about reading the book? Is it best to read the original content THEN re-read it with the ta's'hee'h? Or simply read it with the ta's'hee'h?

I, personally, tried reading it with the ta's'hee'h but it was incredibly difficult and at times makes little sense (because of advanced theories being included in the ta's'hee'h whilst not yet discussed in the original text).

I am wondering how some of you go about reading such books.

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