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Istekhara performed through two different Alims/Moulanas with different outcomes

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Friends i am writing this here to gain your help and rightful guidance on this subject matter. I request you to please respond with proper knowledge and not just what may seem right to you. Thank you. Jazak Allah.

A friend of mine has been trying to set up things and figuring out with one of his friend who happens to be a sunni to get married together. As per what he has told me, the lady has agreed to convert to shia practices as she already had inclination and interest on certain things of shai sect. A radical anti-shia family behind is a point of concern to them and thus the guy performed an istekhara from two Alims sperately. The first result was totally against the idea whereas the second one was in favor. Now the question is in such a case what should be done and which way may be chosen? The first or second istekhara and why?
What does sharia suggest us in such a situation where two istekharas are done and both have different outcomes?

Jazak Allah for the help people.

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the science of istekhara is very unique 

what you should have not done is to have done two of them in the way that you did 

it is as if you didnt trust it in the first place and hence the results cancelled each other out

there really was no reason for you to do them like that, get one alim to do one and another alim to do another 

it is very disrespectful to God , its as if you are trying ot cheat the system or didnt believe in it to begin with 

to find out what is going on through, you will need to provide me with the quranic verses that you did get in response to your istekharas 

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also if you wanted to get istekhara done where more then 1 is done, you could have done it like that , but the same person should have done it 

and what it would show would be "how it wil begin" and "how it will end"

if you wanted three(one person did it) 

it would have shown "How it will be in the beginning" "how it will be in the medium" and "how it will end"

but doing 2 by two different people (and probably without informing the other about another doing it) is a bad thing to do, you might even have to seek forgiveness for it , for your doubts 

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also what you wrote seems very indecisive 

a friend of a freind of yours? thats like 3 chains of people 

so your doing the istekhara on behalf of a friend of a friend of yours? is that what i am understanding?

when it comes to istekhara, the person who needs it done for them most acknowledge it and make an intention for it personally and must know about its happening 

what you need to do first is pray two rakaat prayer of forgiveness from God and then start again BUT!!!

then you need to sort out for WHOM the istekhara is, and THAT person has to acknowledge the istekhara to be done on their behalf  followed by MAKING an intention for istekhara and in their mind the intention has to be to do what they want to do 

so say he/she wants to get married 

they must make an intention " i want to get married to so and so , is it haq for my akhire and dunya"

dont think about the problems , dont think about something else, just make the intention as above and concentrate on it(the person who is actually the one who is doing the action or wants to do the action i.e marriage ) and then the person should ask somebody on behalf of them to do the istekhara , but the person should be asking directly or knowingly or with his/her consent or do it himself or herself 

THEN you should get a response that can be taken as correct from the person who does the istekhara for you or if the person can interpret it , to do it for himself/herself 

and of course take the istekhara very seriously, and dont doubt it and divide it amongst more then one person, stick to one person alone and believe in it and believe in God as the guide the truth , tawakullilah 

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I had an Istikhara done and it came out good for that particular instance. Then I called another Aalim to do it again, and was told that Istikhara is only to be performed once, whatever the result maybe, you go with that.

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