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Islamic Fashions for Ladies - Melb

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I shall be visiting Melb, and want to do some shopping. Does anyone know of an Islamic fashion boutique for ladies?

Last time I was there, I went to Sydney Rd Coburg, and many of the old boutiques were not there any more. There is Emaan Fashions, of course, a very large well established business, and I appreciate their service, but they are only one shop, and they tend not to have suits and separates. I would like a bit more variety. Aside from Emaan being so Sunni oriented that they had some statement about the 4 Caliphs near the doorway, when I went in. I just overlooked that, in the interests of good manners, and certainly the young ladies on the staff were very helpful. But, as I say, I should like to find other clothes stores for Islamic ladies in Melb.

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On 3/12/2015 at 11:24 AM, hameedeh said:

If nobody replies to you, can you google it or look in the local phone book?  InshaAllah someone answers you. 

Well, I have not been lucky with any answers so far, but something may come up. The telephone directory is strangely useless - if you look for islamic shop, or islamic boutique - one comes up with nothing in Melb or suburbs, although obviously they do exist.

During my visit to Melb, I had not much time for shopping, in any case. I shall try again later in the year.

Even in my own town (Sydney) it is a matter of chance to find the more interesting, smaller shops.

Inshallah, I shall one day make a good directory for halal goods and services. There is a real need for it.

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