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let's talk about cheese

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I've been interested in cheese recently after getting random online advise from non medical expert to avoid white cheese for the health of skin. I only like the creamy cheese like Puk so i stopped eating all cheese all together.

I noticed later that the creamy cheese has added vegetable oil that is modified, something like margarine. The problem with margarine is that it is a processed vegetable oil. The other problem with any oil or fat in food is that it requires a preservative to make it eatable for a whole year or 2. Some of these preservatives have androgenic or hormonal effect ...I really hate this information..


Contribution to saturated fat intake (%)

Regular cheese




Grain-based desserts 


Dairy desserts 


Chicken and chicken mixed dishes 


Sausage, franks, bacon, and ribs 




Mexican mixed dishes 


Beef and beef mixed dishes


Reduced fat milk


Pasta and pasta dishes 


Whole milk 


Eggs and egg mixed dishes






Potato/corn/other chips


Nuts/seeds and nut/seed mixed dishes 


Fried white potatoes 



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There was a hadith posted in a similar topic. It essentially said that cheese is to be eaten with walnut, as it may cause imbecility.  and vice versa. Cheese should always be eaten with walnut and walnut should always be eaten with cheese.

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Have you ever tried making cheese? my brother made paneer once and it didnt turn out half as bad as i was expecting. As far as i remember he just boiled the milk with lemon in it or something.  If you want to avoid dairy altogether you could try making nut 'cheese'.

I have no idea what it tastes like.

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Puk should not be described as cheese. It's processed delectable nonsense. Cream cheese? What on earth is that? Whatever it is, it's bad for health. But I grant the darn thing makes great desserts...

I love homemade cheese - less fattening, more nutritious, pure white. My mom often makes it. I don't know how to. I can ask though.

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