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The arab (fag) mentions a hadith from Biharul Anwar, Mecca and Karbala had a disputation, then Allah said to Kaba (or Mecca probably) "Be quiet, compared to Karbala you are just like a needle taken out of the sea. And without Karbala I would not have made you holy. Without the soil of Karbala i would not create your nor your house (Kaba). So be quiet and attach yourself to Karbala otherwise I will throw you into Hell". They are talking like this about Kaba. Is this the Islam?

now the speaker - i will skip some parts - he mentions a hadith by Rasool Allah (saww), saying that a believer is better than Kaba. And this man also mentions something like "when someone visits Hussain (as) is as if he had visited Kaba 70 times, and why wouldn't this be possible? He also mentions the goals achieved by Hussain's sacrifice and saving Islam and the pilgrimage of Kaba and that's why visiting Hussain (as) is better than visiting Kaba. He didn't compared it to doing Hajj.


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Sorry I M not sure I understood your Last sentence. Visit Hussein as is supérior to Visit mecca but its not supérior to do thé hajj ? However thank you for your translation


Superior than visiting Kaba outside the Hajj

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