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Muhammed Ali

Hameedeh Appreciation Thread

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Sister I am sorry to do this to you  :)


You work harder than all the other moderators and admins combined. You praise and thank the mods for their work in the moderator appreciation thread (in the mods forum).


So now we need a thread just for you.


Can the people please say lots of nice things about her?  :)


You are not allowed to lock this thread, otherwise I will get repenter to reopen it.

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 Very, timely thread, considering the fact I was not responded to by one of the Mods after sending

 3 messages today although online and having read my message.

Hopefully a fair and valid, reason as he has not behaved like this before.


Lady Hameeda:


I understand you may not be comfortable with praise so I shall say :


" Whatever good happens to you is from God, " ( Nisa:79)



Lady Hameeda has been very prompt , in addressing concerns in a very courteous manner.


I appreciate her hard work and precision in act ( taqwa)


Hope to be able to learn some of it from you.



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SubhanAllah, I was just thinking about this the other day.


I believe it is important to let someone know when they are acting bad, in case they are not aware. It think it is also important to let someone know when they are acting good, in case they are not aware.


Sis hameedeh has one of the best akhlaqs I have ever seen. So consistent and polite marshaAllah. She is truly a source of inspiration and her personal contribution to the overall well being of the forum is outstanding.


May her reign never end.

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Hameedeh, she always tries helping me when i'm stuck somewhere, & i always get the best advice from her, every time i'm feeling upset or need someone to talk to about something, she has always been the one. One of the loveliest & most caring lady I've ever met, Mash'Allah.


I've got much more things to say but i'll leave it to that i guess.


Hameedeh, you're the best!




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Hameedeh is very akhlaqi. Even when I am snarky about something the mods have done (like, say, a temporary ban), she informs me of what has happened and the reasoning behind it, in a very polite and respectful manner.

It's good to have such individuals around.

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She is AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE! The best person on the forum, hands down! I've even seen her going to new members' profile page and welcoming them to ShiaChat - that must be so tedious but she still does it for so many of them.

I'm sure that if we all were to post on this thread every time she's done something nice, this thread would be twice the size of the Thoughts thread.

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Without a doubt, this is a well deserved thread.  Anyone uncomfortable with compliments would probably squirm a bit, so I will say this:


Sister Hameedeh, I pray that Allah (may He be ever worshipped and praised) bestow His love, blessings, and the ultimate success of admission into Jannah in shaa Allah.


Thank you for all you do.  :)




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