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lost apple

Arabic (Only) Noha / Latmiyaat

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Oh I can't pick, I really can't pick! I like far too many and not all the titles are coming to mind! 

What does are the following: 

https://youtu.be/FyFKrYz0iHY      (Love it mostly because he mentions his mother and it reminds me of mine) 

These are quite popular among my family: 


there are many more of course. I can't remember, but I used to be obsessed with one that had a chubby man singing in a desert. There was a scene where they carried a coffin and many more scenes in a graveyard... so there's that too. 

Laith, I think you'd really like this one: 


edit: how can you make the videos appear? 

Edited by Hameedeh
Videos that no longer work have been removed.

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خيرة الله من الخلق أبي - نزار القطري

خيرة الله من الخلق أبي بعد جدي فانا ابن الخيرتين - الرادود نزار القطري - باللغتين العربية والفارسية

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