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Anybody In Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Dear All, 


I wanted to ask if there is any center in Amsterdam, Netherlands where I can go for prayers, and/or attend majalis.

Your reply would be very much appreciated.


Best regards,


Rasheed Hussain

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I looked through a few other threads, but I didn't find anything. I saw this on wiki, doesn't look promising:


The history of the settlement of the Twelver Shiites in the Netherlands goes back to the 1960s.[1] A small group of Pakistani-Indian Shiites came during the 1960s, the Pakistanis as refugees, the Indians came to work (the number of Indian-Pakistani in the Netherlands at the present time is around 500 individuals, they established a Husayniyya in Amsterdam in 1976 under the name of Idāra Ja'fariyya. This place is considered the first place for worship established by Twelver Shia community in the Netherlands.[1] This Husayniyya does not have a permanent place until the present time. The community hire a place only in the weekend from the community center in order to perform their religious and social occasions. This community has a permanent Husayniyya in the Hague under the name Mahfil-e-'Alī established in 1992.[1]



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Wa alikum alsalam,


Sorry for late reply, I have already seen this thread.


I sent an e-mail to one of the islamic centers there about if there is a mosque there,

so they told me that there is a hussainiyah in Amsterdam.


Here is the page on facebook if you want to get some information:




There are majalis for 10 days in Arabic.


I hope this helps.

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