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Modern Iraqi Arabic E-Book

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Salam, intu shloonkum?


If anybody wants to learn Iraqi Arabic, here is a really good e-book I found that's really good for beginners in Arabic in general. If you're planning on going to Iraq for ziyaraat soon, it may be a good idea to start learning some of the rough-style Arabic Iraqis speak (IMO, Iraqi Arabic is really rough)! 




Download the audio files from here:


Audio 1: http://s1.picofile.com/file/6511051306/Iraqi_1_www_arabiforall_com.zip.html

Audio 2: http://s1.picofile.com/file/6511340040/Iraqi_2_www_arabiforall_com.zip.html

Audio 3: http://s1.picofile.com/file/6520754524/Iraqi_3_www_arabiforall_com.zip.html

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Hello once again,

I have some good news. Me (and I guess Jabir after I messaged him) had trouble finding the files. So I went on a limb and messaged BaqiyatullahY , since he liked the first post. He was kind enough to look for it and found the audio files here:


So, many thanks to BaqiyatullahY. I hope others will find it useful as well.

On a side note, I really like the Persian/Turkish/Aramaic influences on the language.

I wish you all a nice day, ciao!

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