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    • Bloomberg and aljazeera.com both reported 12 days ago that the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority sent a list with hundreds of names to lenders, telling them to freeze any accounts linked to them. Today (November 20, 2017) Reuters is reporting that over 2,000 bank accounts have been frozen. 
    • Of course the story of Adam and Eve was much better suited for them. The Bible and the Quran are far from the only old cultures telling similar stories. 
    • I don't think there's anything wrong with that at all. If she didn't want to marry him for whatever reason then that's her right. Now, if that reason was that he wasn't from the US then so be it. Her life, her choice. 
    • The wall of kindness is a charity work phenomenon and a kind of welfare, usually done by attaching cloth hangers from outside of houses; those encourage people to donate miscellaneous useful things such as winter clothing.   the act serves a purpose to support the people in need. In response to social media, large numbers of people are taking part as a campaign and it has helped many homeless or otherwise destitute people during the cold winter weather. There are also "fridge of kindness" (for donating foods), "bookshelves" (for donating books), .... You see; you dont need to have money for taking part in such charity acts.
    • Salaam, just wanted to give my input I went to a typical non-gender segregated American public high school and the exact same things happened that you described. I am also aquintances with a guy who attended a segregated middle school and then a non segregated high school. And even according to him he was more productive in middle school vs high school. Possibly even more worse things occurred. Notme did a good job of explaining the plusses and minuses of gender segregation in school. And ironically tons of studies have come out that show that there is more productivity in gender segregated schools than non gender segregated schools. I have witnessed this first hand by attending both types of schools and my friends did as well. Also for me I used to hang out with my female cousins (with a mehram present) and Also my sister. So I was not awkward around females and neither were most desi guys I knew,  muslim or not. So for desi's on average they will get exposed to females outside of school anyhow.