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Chaotic Muslem

Like A Moon, Our Master

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Ok I want you guys to start singing this, I'm gonna translate it so you enjoy it more. Skip the words before qamarun

And more beautiful than you my eyes have never seen

And more goodness than you the women have never gave birth to

You were created pure from any flaw

As if you were created the way you wish

Qamarun (like a moon)


Qamarun cidna annabai ( like a moon our master the prophet)

Qamarun( like a moon)

Wa jameel ( and beautiful)

Wa jameel

Wa jameel cidna annabi ( and beautiful moon our master the prophet)

Wa jameel

The palm of the chosen is like a flower with dew

Kaffu almostafa kal ward nadi

It's perfume lasts when it touches

Wa yabqa etruha itha massat ayadi

It's givings reached all humans

Wa amma nawaluha kulla alebadi

Beloved of Allah O best of creation

Habeebullahi ya khaira albaraya

And no shadow for him but he was all light

Wa la zilla lahu bal kana noura

The sun and moons get their light from him

Tanala ashshamsu minhu wal boudoura

And guidance wouldn't exist if it wasn't for his appearance

(Birth,prophethood and dominance)

And all the universe was enlightened by the light of Taha

Wa kullu alkawni anara be nouri Taha

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