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Flat Earth Concept

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I am not sure why this question is related to - in some how - being Muslim. 


This question cannot be answered- based on the question being  asked- logically because this does not have to do any thing with Muslims as Muslims. 


Believing that the earth as flat or not depends on scientific proofs. 

Now, do Muslims take science as a factor to believe in /(to get a proof of)  something? This is the right question. 


Look, the first lesson in Philosophy (Love of Wisdom) is this: To make you ask the right question and not "necessarily" to answer your questions. 

Your question is great in its essence but I am afraid to tell you that it needs to be fixed. Could you fix it now? 

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Yes, sure! I do love philopsophy as well but the rules of philosophy aren't a standard for setting up criteria in Islam or in Shiachat.

Maybe you can approach some of the moderators for your problem.

Good luck!

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