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Why I Will No Longer Recite The 3Rd Shahadah

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1. the 3rd Shahada causes division in terms of Shia/Sunni way of practising Islam.

2. The Shia receive much accusations for Bidah and separating from Islam by innovating

3. It is not a part of the Adhan or a practise of our Imams, are our Imams only advisers or are they Imams who need following? If they are Imams (leaders) then shouldn't we follow them? By following them would it not be correct to do exactly what they did? nothing more, nothing less? Or can we step ahead of them or lag behind them by adding some things and taking away some other things?

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You know, i get really annoyed when people comment like this. I'm not talking about this issue in particular, but saying "if it wasn't around in the imams time then we should abandon it" and base your entire conclusion on that is utterly silly. Tell me, did showers exist in imams time? How do you perform ghusl today?

Using a shower can't be innovation, saying the Shahadah causes a change in practice although in theory it may not be a part of the adhaan.


Its like for example; lets say if I banned Muta and made it illegal but said it is Halal at the same time. So I have effectively caused a change even though in theory I haven't made it Haram, just made it illegal in the law of the land.

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Moreover, it must be noted that if that if you consider Jafri fiqh legitimate, and its rulings by learned scholars just, then if the ruling says something is mustahabb, you can't accuse someone practising the mustahabb as bidaah. Its not ghulat, if according to the fiqh its legitimate, although ghulat must be guarded against. The reason being that although many zakireen may engage in ghulat, the same can't be said about the ulamah. Jafri fiqh has been established by the efforts of Imam Sadiq(A.S.). It governs the aspects of salaat, roza, hajj, adhan etc. This fiqh differs from others primarily because it recognises the wilayat of Imam Ali(A.S.) as ordained by Allah through His Prophet(SAWAWS) & through him,the authority vested in the following Imams. So, the the third shahadah comes from the founding principles of this fiqh. The three viz. acceptance of oneness of Allah(SWT),acceptance of prophethood of Muhammad(SAWAWS) & acceptance of Imam Ali's(A.S.) wilayah, are merely the oral recitation of the principles of the Jafri fiqh, viz. Tawhid,Nubuwat & Imamate. If you don't accept the principles as legitimate, you are effectively disowning the Jafri legitimacy.Its better that you accept any other fiqh. Even then you will find many of them differ on the matters of furoo like adhan, salaat & roza. They will also show marked similarity in many aspects with the Jafri fiqh, primarily because scholars of those fiqh trained as students under the tutelage of Imam Sadiq(A.S.) as well.


The propaganda & accusations is shaming you into disowning your principles you so dearly held close to you. But the reality is that in any other fiqh you will run against some problem or the other, however then also you will be accused of bidaah. Its true one must recognise the problem of ghulat, but its origins doesn't lie in the fiqh. The fiqh is clear about the difference in these three principles & one can't juxtapose one over another. If people have engaged in beliefs without consulting the fiqh & therefore, contradict the principles and /or change realms of their applications, its the people who must correct themselves for they are at fault. The fiqh is not.


Jazakallah Khair

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On ‎20‎/‎05‎/‎2015 at 3:56 PM, guest050817 said:

 (they add) أَشْهَدُ أَنَّ عَلِيّاً وَلِيُّ اللَّهِ 

No, they don't add anything in adhan, you're wrong and propagating the views of others here. You yourself know that this is not the "Juzz" of Adhan as per Shias.

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