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Summer Camp Taha 2015

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Salaams Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Just to let people know:


"We are pleased to inform you that Camp Taha 2015 registration is now open.  Please visit www.tawheedcamp.org  to register and take advantage of 10% Early Bird Discount for payments made before March 30, 2015."

This year there will be three 10 day camp sessions as follows:
Session 1   July 23rd -   Aug. 1st
Session 2   Aug.1st    -   Aug. 10th
Session 3   Aug.10th -   Aug. 19th

We have exciting activities planned for this year and hope that you will join us.

If you have any questions please call us at (810) 545-TAHA (8242) or
email tawheedcamp@gmail.com.

May Allah bless you and your family.

With Salaams,

Camp Taha Admin

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I couldn't afford this as a kid and can't afford this as an adult lol.



We would love to have you join us this summer even though you may not afford the total fees. We will be subsidizing the costs nominally for eligible participants who are unable to afford. To qualify, the applicant needs to meet the following criteria with proof:

  • Orphan with low income
  • Family with low income

Our subsidy is on a first come, first served basis for all applicants until all the funds have been used. All remaining applicants will be placed on a waitlist pending further support from generous sponsors. To apply for subsidy, please click here.



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How about doing something useful for Islam in the eye of Allah, and make it FREE too.


You may start by reading this short and sweet book which doesn't require 10 days of your life:

Soul and Spirit freely downloadable from http://heliwave.com/Soul.and.Spirit.pdf


God >

Edited by heliwave

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^ brother, money spend in the name of god shouldn't be questioned (sarcasm) however while millions are killed in the middle-east by the western bullets. It is good to run a camp to brainwash kids and keep kids away from understanding the reality somewhere in the west. So lovely , last time i was at a shia majlis - the blame for isis was put on saudi and some arab countries and not on the west. (shia islam at best)  :lol:

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