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Students in Axtell, Kansas who will graduate this year were planning a "senior trip" to celebrate (at World's of Fun amusement park in Kansas City). After they saw 11 students in Ashland, Kansas lose their homes to a wildfire, they donated their money to a fire victims fund. 

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Amputee girl, 7, wears prosthetic blade for first time in school playground and gets tear-jerking reaction from pupils
The heartwarming footage shows little Anu running around and playing with the other kids who are very supportive of her new prosthetic leg

A seven-year-old was given the warmest welcome into the school playground as she wore her sports blade for the first time.

Little Anu was forced to have her right leg amputated shortly after birth and has been wearing a prosthetic leg every day.

But her new sports blade was made especially for her needs, allowing her to run around and dance freely.

BBC Midlands Today tweeted a video of the reaction she received when her school friends saw her blade with the caption: "Anu is seven and goes to school in Birmingham.

"Look what happened when she showed her friends her new sports blade. It's just gorgeous!"

The adorable footage shows Anu striding into the playground confidently revealing her new sports blade.

When the other children see her coming, they crowd around her excitedly shouting her name.

The little girl stops while they inspect her prosthetic, before they begin to hug her.

Anu demonstrates how she can run around with her prosthetic, as the other kids chase after her in the heartwarming video, all playing together.

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