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اثبات در مورد امامت علی در حدیث اهل سنت

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Proof of Imamate of Ali in Farsi

If you understand farsi you can check out the articles with cited sources here (مقالات): http://www.valiasr-aj.com/fa/index.php

If you want to watch his tv channel live (تلویزیون زنده): http://velayattv.com/fa/index.php

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Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullah


Masha'Allah Jazakallah Khayran! ^_^

I found something very interesting on the website you wrote about !

Take a look at this one :



Masha'Allah a great article  :!!!:


Yes may Allah bless these scholars for what they are doing. Thank you

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