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Who Is Hussain? North America 2014 Campaign

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"Is there any one to help us?"
Answer Hussain's call to mankind, spread the principles of Hussain. 

YOU CAN, by spreading the word!! Join, invite your friends. You never know, you can change someones destiny.

We are looking to spread this campaign all over North America, in all University's, Schools, neighborhood, Buildings, that have followers and Lovers of the path of Hussain.

Students will make presentations to their colleague
Friends will talk to their friends
Neighbors will talk to their Neighbors about Hussain


You can request the actual participation of your city in the campaign through emailing whoishussain.north.America@gmail.com

Join & Spreed the message of Hussain

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Salam Alikom 

please join one of who is Hussain? campaign activities near you, from awareness campaign, Boold Drive, food drive, and many others under the name if Imam Hussain, you can start a new chapter in your area just by emailing us at whoishussain.north.america@gmail.com 


please contact the nearest Rep by email

North America
Canada: Hamilton, Ontario whoishussainontario@gmail.com
Canada: TMA – universities whoishussain.tma@gmail.com
USA: New York City whoishussain.nyc@gmail.com
USA: San Antonio, Texas whoishussain.sanantonio@gmail.com
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