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Brother & Sister In Indonesia

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Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb. Brother & Sister,


In order to respect others and those want to contribute to this topic but has limitation in their Bahasa, let us used English.


Please introduce yourself (do not incl. any personal information that can reveal your position or real identity, you know how we got treated these days). At least, A/S/L, just so we can respect you by calling you Brother & Sister. For everything else, let work something along the line.


Let me introduce myself (as a starter and example). I'm a 33/M/Jakarta. I'm "converted" to the way of Ahlul-Bayt 5-6 years ago. But, starting to really learn about it 2 years ago. Since last Ramadhan, i'm knocking my pace up. Recently, i've been following Dr. Ammar Naskhawani's lecture over youtube, i think it's a great lecture. I joined an interesting majelis where i can learn about Christiology and Zionology. In fact, my introduction to the way of Ahlul-Bayt through Christiology. Nowadays, i'm interested most in learning about Khumus and Marja. So, my question to you, what marja are you going with now?


I pray to Allah SWT. that through this topic, we can gather, fasten our iman, and learn more about The Ahlul-Bayt.


Wa'alaikumsalam Wr. Wb. Brother & Sister.

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Been born and raised as Sunni Muslim by my parents, I have grown a curiousity yet un-prejudice stance to Shiah believers.  I got some friends who apparently are against Shiah, but I guess that is merely due to lack of knowledges. 

I just found recently that we (my family and I and most of my friends) are actually more to NU than Muhammadiyah.  I am a Muslim, that is all. 

Apakah ada tempat berkumpul penganut Shiah di Jakarta?

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